Happy Birthday, drak.org!

I registered this domain 21 years ago today. A lot has happened since then, but this site has always been up, if not updated very regularly.

At the time there were around 3 million websites. Now there are somewhere around 1.7 billion. Google had just launched in 1998, and Wikipedia didn’t even exist yet. Facebook didn’t bother showing up for another 5 years.

Since the site is old enough to have a beer now, here’s a toast to my tech hobbies lasting at least another 21 years!


NeXTBox is available now! It’s a replacement for the NeXT Soundbox, minus the sound. It lets you use your non-ADB or ADB keyboard and mouse plus converts mono video from a cube or NeXTstation to VGA.

This is my first FPGA-based project and definitely not the last. It’s a really different thing to build and a lot of fun.


New product: Sun2USB

Use a Sun Type 5 keyboard on your USB system! Should work with Type 4 and Type 6 as well, but I don’t have those to test.


This site is now run using a static site generator (Hugo). Partly because I felt like trying something new, partly because it runs on a very tiny server and had issues loading the complicated setup I had. Plus the content here is all static anyway.

All that stuff I was going to do wayyyy back in the “Updates” entry? I’ve mostly been working on an FPGA project which I’ll have available very soon. It’s the next step up from my NeXT keyboard project - emulating the soundbox! I’ll post the protocol once I have it all written up and I’ll have devices available on drakware soon.

New Product - IndigoUSB

One new product over at Drakware: